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Noah. is interactive tool for live AIS vessel tracking. Providing you with a real-time view of the marine traffic, from global overview to the single ship, it is an outstanding and powerful tool for operations monitoring, fleet tracking, logistics scheduling, research and traffic analysis that runs right in your browser. Several map types are available, including satellite maps and navigation charts
Noah App empowers shipping companies, Port Operator, Port Authority, Captains and Maritime enthusiasts by allowing them to track and analyze their business. Our app will always be free, hopefully it can advance our maritime business
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Information on ports, vessels, maritime company and terminals in one place


Provides information about current geographical positions of ships as well as other related information, whenever available, such as ships’ details, their destination, estimated time of arrival, photographs, port traffic statistics, weather conditions, points of interest, etc.


Provides interactive satellite images, maps and contact information for over 8K ports in 196 countries around the world. Quickly find any port using our regional map of the world.


a port is the combination of terminal facilities, each developed to fulfill a specific function and sometimes serving a single user such as a petrochemical plant. Provides information contains the location and physical characteristics of, and the facilities and services offered by major ports and terminals world-wide.

Maritime COmpanies

Invested in port terminal facilities to help support their core maritime shipping business. In many cases, hybrid structures are formed with separate business units or sister companies active in liner shipping or terminal operations.